Why Performance Brakes Are Vital For Your Vehicle

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Brakes are the most safety critical part of any moving vehicle and in the case of cars and motorcycles quite often when brakes are used in anger, standard is just not good enough. The sport street use or track day and race use of motor vehicles and motorcycles has led to a need for higher performance brakes such as disc brake pads and brake rotors or discs.

So what does high performance mean and how do we measure this performance? Brake pads which are made of blends of petro chemical resins and other ingredients are made to a budget by car builders and are one of the first thing to be changed on a vehicles brakes when users are involved in sport or race use. A CrossDrilledRotors.ca high performance brake pad will be one which has good friction level and pedal feel on first application and can hold this level of performance throughout the whole braking cycles. Brakes must not “Fade” or fall on in performance under the heat of braking. Not only must high performance brakes work effectively under heat and load they must have good durability. Additives such a copper or coke is blended into pads used on high performance brake systems to enhance durability.

Since, some irresponsible people do rash driving or drunk driving and hence to avoid accidents, crossdrilledrotors.ca performance brakes are very important. In this age when accidents are quite frequent, performance brakes are needed for hassle-free braking system in our cars.

Ideally, you’ll want to bed in your brakes and drive on a wide road, but using common sense here, you might need to stop-find an animal midway or something like that.

These are several things need to be kept in mind for safety in every vehicle and quite clearly, crossdrilledrotors.ca performance brakes is one of them.

Why would you need Performance braking?

There are two primary reasons why you’d need to improve the braking performance of your vehicle:

  1. Lack of stopping power

The vehicle does not have sufficient brake torque to lock up the wheels at the speeds it travels (or get close to locking up the wheels, providing the maximum deceleration forces).

  1. Excessive brake fade

The vehicle experiences brake fade after certain durations of brake use, and loses braking capabilities as a result. Prolonged braking (such as on a track) can lead to brake fade as a result of improper brake cooling.