Palmer Administration Offers Relief to Stranded Auto Protection Plan Holders

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Here’s a scenario: You are still far from home when your car broke down in another town while you are on your way home. The garage shop is closed and you can’t find any mechanic around. It looks like you will have to spend the night.

The auto protection plan of Palmer Administration Services has got you covered.

One of the add-on values of the policy is the Trip Interruption Protection. Under this program, the company will reimburse you $75 per day for the hotel or food if you are stranded more than 100 miles away from your home.

This is just among the benefits offered by the company for its extended warranty coverage for car owners. If you are within the 100-mile radius and your car breaks down, the company will send a tow truck for free to make sure the vehicle will be wheeled to the garage shop for repair.

If a battery goes dead, the company will also help jumpstart it. If for any other reason, you run out of fuel, the company can also deliver the gas or diesel to your location. Of course, the cost of the fuel will be shouldered by the customer.

Meanwhile, the company will also provide you with a car rental if the mechanic will recommend that your vehicle will stay in the garage for repair. This is again a free service that comes with a certain auto protection plan.

Lastly, if you happen to misplace your keys or leave it inside, Palmer will contact a locksmith to help unlock your vehicle.

These are among the key benefits if you take out an auto protection plan from Palmer Administration. The BBB-listed company has been in the auto warranty industry for more than 30 years. This allows the company to finance all the claims rather than depend on a financial service to shoulder the cost.

Any of the auto protection plans are transferable if a buyer happens to purchase your vehicle. Just contact the customer representatives to make the necessary paperwork. The additional coverage will make your car attractive to buyers thereby allowing you to quickly dispose of it in the market.

The New Jersey-based auto protection plan company has national coverage, including Canada. Before making a long road trip, call the hotline number to inform the customer representative on the other line that you are crossing the border. This is so the offices up north will be informed of your arrival to preempt an emergency.