Four Good Reasons To Purchase A Pre Owned Vehicle

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From the 54,000,000 vehicles offered this past year within the U . s . States, just beneath 75% were utilised. Exactly why is there this type of discrepancy between used and new? Listed here are four explanations why people should you prefer a pre owned vehicle.


The cars from the 1960s-70s are very well noted for the big engines, wild styling, and collectible value. Regrettably, additionally they broke lower a great deal. Using the added competition from Asian automotive manufacturers within the 1980s, the longevity of vehicles offered within the U . s . States skyrocketed. Today the typical chronilogical age of the 254,000,000 autos on the highway in the usa has ended eleven years. This reliability trend are available in many vehicles in the past twenty-5 years. Which means that consumers can buy a pre owned vehicle that may be driven reliably for several years.

Cost and Depreciation

The typical cost of the new vehicle is simply over $32,000. The typical pre owned vehicle costs under 1 / 2 of that, at $15,000. A primary reason there’s this type of large discrepancy in prices backward and forward kinds of autos is a result of the sharp depreciation rates that new models face. Typically, the moment a brand new auto is driven from the dealer’s lot, it loses 10% of their value. Within 5 years, it’s worth roughly 40% from the purchase cost. As vehicles get older, their depreciation rate has a tendency to slow. If you purchase a four-year-old model for 1 / 2 of its sticker cost, it’ll conserve a greater relative value for over what brand new one. Therefore purchasing a used auto isn’t just cheaper typically, but it’s a wiser investment because of the slower depreciation rates present in older models.


Two of the most important innovations in automobile safety within the last three decades are airbags and anti-lock brakes. Initially, these functions were only present in high-finish luxury models. Today both of them are mandatory in almost any vehicle manufactured for purchase within the U . s . States. With this particular prevalent implementation, buyers of the pre owned vehicle have numerous safe options.


Individuals who’re looking for a completely new vehicle are only able to purchase it from your approved dealer. The good thing about purchasing a pre owned vehicle would be that the marketplace is larger. You can purchase from private citizens, second hand vehicle lots, or dealerships. This bigger market gives consumers an improved chance to check prices. Additionally, it implies that because of the competition, costs are more negotiable.

To conclude, regardless of what make or model you choose for your forthcoming vehicle, you should purchase it used. A second hand automobile provides a lower initial cost and depreciation rates. It may match completely new models when it comes to reliability and safety, all while being offered from the wider quantity of markets.