Few Safety Features of Mercedes Benz That Makes It Dream Car

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Do you know why Mercedes cars are best value of your money? What is the mystery that keeps the Mercedes car very safe as compared to any other cars in the market? Engineers of Mercedes has been working for decades to create various kinds of safety systems by using stereo cameras and many other products that are available in modern day technology.

In this small writeup we will discuss about various safety features that have been used Mercedes Benz that makes this car not only safe, but also very smart car of this age. Following are few features that make this car different from others.

  • Stereo camera installed to scan the road

In Mercedes Cars nowadays, a number of stereo cameras are installed, which continuously scan the road 360 degrees around the car and send its images to the computer onboard. There is a software available that can immediately recognize any object like animals, pedestrians, bicycles, any other vehicles and send alert to the driver. Therefore, the driver will immediately take suitable action to protect the car from any type of collusion.

  • Pre-collision system will activate brake much before you react

The car has the capability to detect any sudden object appearing in front of the car and alert the driver. At the same time, activate the brake and provide pretension to your seat belts so that you do not suffer any kind of impact. Cameras also watch the vehicles that are coming behind you and if the car is very close behind you then it can alert the driver. While you are waiting in traffic signal, the cameras will alert you if a vehicle is passing close to you.

  • Can sense the traffic movement

With the help of stereo cameras, the car can sense the traffic movement. If you are driving at very high speed on the highway and suddenly you come across a place where traffic movement is slow, then car will automatically provide signal so that your speed will get reduced. That makes your drive safer in busy traffic areas.

  • Stereo camera improves the performance

Stereo camera not only improves the safety features of the Mercedes car, but also improves the performance of the car drastically. All the control function gets improved and makes the car different from others.

Many more innovations are taking place and the R & D team of the Mercedes Benz is working round the clock to make the car much safer where driving can really be a pleasure.