Factors That Determine a Car’s Scrap Value

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After 10 years of running to-and-fro, your car has served you well. After many years of motoring, repairs, and upgrades, it is now time to replace your car. After cancelling its insurance papers and paying all liabilities, what happens next? What can you possibly make of an inoperable or obsolete car? Maybe you can try to salvage usable parts or throw it in the nearest junkyard and get some extra cash for it. But, how much would you get if you opt to do the latter? Listed below are some of the factors that determine a car’s scrap value and how they affect pricing.

Seasonal variations

At first, you might think that the season is irrelevant. However, it does influence some factors. If you take an SUV or 4×4 to be scrapped on a warm and sunny day, chances are, you’ll get a quote less than you would if you took it in on a rainy day. These car models have increased scrap value on rainy days. Concerning convertibles, you can get a higher scrap value during sunny and warm days. However, you don’t necessarily need to wait for a specific season to take your car to a junkyard.

Long waiting time

If you think your car is no longer of use to you, call some scrapping organisations like ScrapMyCarScunthorpe.co.uk to get an immediate quote instead of waiting for a specific season or waiting too long to arrive at a decision of scrapping it. Once a car is no longer operational, deterioration occurs. When body parts deteriorate, the car immediately loses value. Metal parts can become corroded with rust. Rubber parts that were previously flexible can become brittle and may have the tendency to crumble. This also applies to cars that are exposed to extremities of weather. Hot and humid days may fade the paint and crack it. Rain, snow, and coldness can lead to corrosion. Also look out for pests that may infect your car.

Scrap metal prices vary on overall demand

It is also helpful on your part to check metal prices on the market. You should be aware that they change daily, and that demand and supply play a vital role in determining prices. Since car junkers take in metal and make a profit out of the transaction, it pays to know how much car scrapping services should offer you.

The value of salvageable items

Once you decide to scrap your car, make sure to obtain various quotes to compare which offer can benefit you the most. Explain the condition of the vehicle they’ll be taking. If the car was recently installed with an infotainment system, tell them about it. If you bought new tyres, inform them. They’ll take this information into account, and it will add to the car’s scrap value.

It pays to be aware and vigilant of every financial transaction you make. When it comes to disposing of your car, you need to know how much you can gain from it.

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