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You may have wondered where you will take your car or truck for customized repair. Most of the car shops you probably know or have heard about may prove to be untrustworthy due to their substandard services. If you ever run in need of customizing your car or truck, worry less as  St. Louis Missouri Custom Car Shop will provide you with quality and unique customization services. The car shop is dedicated to offering quality services in vehicle customization.

Vehicle customization services

  1. Exterior Customization

The exterior part of the car is visible to every person thus should be maintained and customized effectively. This is because the exterior part of the car gives an insight to people about your personality. It tells them about the owner of the vehicle and his or her lifestyle. It is important to ensure that your vehicle is unique and has the best exterior look by visiting us for quality exterior customization services.

  1. Interior Customization

The interior look of any vehicle gives satisfaction to the owner. Custom interiors should be done by professional customization experts for the best output. Matching interior parts of a vehicle gives it excellent appearance. The floor, leather, headliners and aftermarket seats should be matched for the best car custom interior. The various accessories for interior customization include;

  • Floor Mats – We provide you with high-quality matching floor mats to prevent the vehicle floor from mud, stains, and spills
  • Heated Seats – Seat warmers improve the interior decoration of the vehicle by ameliorating the cars comfort and feel. They can be fixed in any vehicle by ensuring that the elements for heating the seat cling to the base foam of the seat and the ability to dispatch seat covers are not compromised.
  • Upholstery – This involves customizing of the vehicle’s interior such as customs, muscle cars, classics, European exotics and daily drivers. This requires quality materials to meet the customer’s needs and desires.
  1. Truck Accessories

We provide all the truck owners with quality truck accessories for both style and functionality purposes of the truck. The accessories provided by our experts include grille guards, off-road bumpers, truck wheels and tires, lift kits for trucks, truck lights and truck bed covers.

  1. Tinting of the Windows

Tints on any automobile make it look better. The window films are customized to improve the vehicle’s beauty of the vehicle. Tint also decreases the vehicles interior temperatures by preventing intense sun rays. This creates a cozy and cool interior as the air conditioners which guzzle a lot of fuel are not used.

  1. Wheel Customization

We provide the best aftermarket wheels for every car to improve the vehicles performance and appearance.

  1. Clear Bra Security

A clear bra is used to protect the vehicle and maintain its sharpness. It is installed in the car without modifying the car painting.

Vehicle wheels

The appearance and functioning of a car are greatly influenced by the aftermarket wheels. Particles of dust get attached to the wheel as it moves thus destroying the wheel eventually. Albeit it is difficult to clean the wheel, wheel cleaning should be done often to avoid scenarios like this. The right cleaning methods are used together with the correct cleaning methods. During wheel cleaning, a person should;

  • Clean the wheel when it is cool
  • Wash regularly using mild soap
  • Avoid automatic washing of the car
  • Take proper care of the cleaning product from drying.