Car Body Types – What You Need To Know

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Choosing a new car can be one of the most exciting things in life. There is a special connection that a person has with their vehicle. It sounds weird, but we are psychologically attached to it. And to a large degree, we identify with it.

Now that you know that, you can understand how important it is to choose a vehicle that suits you. You have to look not only at the cost, but also at the function and ultimately – at your needs. However, if you do not know enough about car body types, you can get stuck deciding between a sedan or a hatchback, or why not an SUV? So before you call a car shipping company to fetch your desired car for you, you should learn a bit more about car body types.

The Hatchback – Is It Even Compact?

In the mind of most people the hatchback is the compact alternative to the sedan. It has to be shorter (at least in theory), and a bit more efficient. However, that is not always the case, and we have seen plenty of exceptions. Oftentimes the hatchback is just a tad smaller, and with the same engine between models, you really can’t call that “efficient”.

That being said, it is true that almost all compact cars are in one way or another a hatchback. So the question should rather be focused on what you need. If you will be driving primarily around the city and you want parking to be easy – a compact hatchback is definitely a good choice. However, if you need space, perhaps you should continue down the list.

The Crossover – The Big City Monster

I like to call this vehicle body type the hatchback of SUVs. It is not exactly the case, but well… it kind of is. Even though a lot of people cannot make the difference between the two, I would argue the distinction is quite important.

In my mind all crossovers are designed for the road. They are really not off-road beasts, even if people want them to be. Sure, they are a bit taller, and perhaps won’t get stuck as easily as a low sedan, but nevertheless, they are not designed to handle the off-road. Still, if you need a bulky car (for presentation purposes) the crossover is the perfect city option.

The Sedan – Your Trusty Old Vehicle

What can we say about the sedan that is not already obvious? It is like the vanilla of cars. Of course, that does not mean it is bad, but it is kind of boring as far as body types go. However, there are plenty of luxury cars that go the sedan route and look absolutely stunning.

This body type is an overall good choice for a general purpose vehicle. It has plenty of space for the occasional vacation and is not as power-hungry as a crossover or an SUV.

The SUV – The King of The Road

A true SUV is indeed made to rule all kinds of roads. It should be able to handle off-road without issue, but also maintain its stability on the road as well. However, it is usually a more expensive type of vehicle, and is costly to operate. That being said, it also looks very presentable. So if money is no issue, the SUV is definitely a fine pick.