Auto Racing Safety Products – Drive Fast Be Secure Have Some Fun

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Regardless of what kind of auto racing you might do, you need your fundamental auto racing safety products. Without having certain products, you won’t be permitted to race. With respect to the speed of the vehicle, you might need certain products or certain ratings of the product. Make certain you look into the rules of the local speedway.

Pro Sport Suit

This suit is needed by most racing facilities. Based on your speed, certain areas only cause you to put on areas of the suit. For the protection, why don’t you just put on the whole factor. Most places will need the suit to possess some kind of flame resistant material onto it. This suit has flame resistant material that is SFI-5 rated, therefore it will pass all safety inspections. It features a carbon inner liner and all over arm inserts.


There are lots of kinds of Hendes you can buy. Keep in mind, you receive that which you purchase using these. The professional series offers the highest quality of product most abundant in features. A Hendes can help you in case of any sort of accident. It keeps your torso aligned together with your mind. This stops most whiplash or any other neck problems throughout a crash. At extremely high speeds, getting a Hendes is essential accessory for your auto racing safety products.

Support Collar

An execllent add for the safety factors are this support collar. Some drag strips along with other racing ways don’t require these, they’re still something you might want to purchase. When choosing one, make certain you receive a flame resistant collar too. The majority of the support collars are folded right in front, so it won’t conflict together with your helmet.

Premium Fire Extinguisher

Normal household fire extinguishers won’t operate in the car racing line. You’ll need something which may have no mess or no powder in situation it must be used while driving. The majority of the premium high end extinguisher’s have a mounting bracket and they’re rechargeable. To become qualified for racing they ought to be Environmental protection agency approved. Environmental protection agency approved extinguisher’s will released any kind of fire from gas to electrical.

G-Pressure Race Shoe

Remember regarding your ft with regards to fire resistance racing gear. G-pressure is easily the most comfortable and sturdy racing shoe available. Their footwear have fire resistance liner together with grip rubber. Check your grip rubber can help when driving and travelling.

SFI 3.3 Mitts

Both hands ought to be protected with all of your body. You will have to purchase a top quality fireresistant set of mitts. The mitts ought to be well suited to both hands. Furthermore racing mitts safeguard both hands from high heats, the also enhance your grip. In case your vehicle catches burning, both hands would be the first part of the body used. Getting top quality protection in it is essential.