Help Make Your Phones Drive Dealership Traffic

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Put Many People Behind Your Phones!

I spend considerable time at up-your-ups discussing ideas and ideas on driving dealership traffic.

A concept about telephone calls discovered my desk several several weeks ago and today I believe you’re ready to share it along with you.

Advertising and marketing are made to drive dealership traffic. However the finish goal isn’t traffic for traffic sake but traffic which makes the check out ring.

If you would like your calls they are driving increased traffic and profit here’s something should consider.

It is a new tool known as Tele Pulse. It is the brain child of Dr. John from Computers Global.

During these economic occasions every dealership has less sources. Tele Pulse learns it of calls overnight and transmits an extensive are accountable to you each morning.

The important thing to those reports could they be simply condition the details from the call. They are not made to assess the call handler. A short description is offered of every call. According to this description the calls are categorized and identified into four area’s by Tele Pulse:

1) No Action Needed

2) Needs Follow-up

3) Elevated To Manager Action

4) Save An Offer

The phone call report as packed with other helpful information including who handled the phone call, what department etc. This can be a 1o minute read for that Gm. It genuinely provides you with the heart beat from the days activity.

I understand a couple of dealerships about this new program and they have really loved it. Have your automotive ad agency take a look it isn’t costly also it really delivers results.

If you want your advertising and marketing dollars to repay with adding dollars for your budgets try Tele Pulse. In case your worried about CSI this is an excellent starting point too.